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Important user TERMS:

1. By uploading picture you agree that photograph belongs to you only. And you give permission to use your photograph by devastan.

2. Your photograph will be displayed publicly on our website and may be copied and distributed by others without our knowledge.

3. No courtesy or citation will be given when your photograph will be used for graphics or banners on website or on print books or printed banners , posters or on any other means of communication on which graphic representation may be required.

4. Contribution with your name will be added to main galley on this website.

5. We encourage you to be creative and send best pictures. In-case of Multiple photograph of same subject taken from different angles only the best among them will be updated.

6. We reserve all right to reject a upload or delete published photographs.

--- Procedure --- By uploading photographs you agree to above terms.

1. Please send email to 109943952345669166265.sksshiroda@picasaweb.com

2. Make sure you attach your photographs. Contribution limit is set to Max 11 photographs. Minimum photos to have your own album is 6. If you contribute only 1-5 photos, same will be added to contributors basket.

4. You can send more then one mail if all photos do not fit in one email. Subject of all emails sent must be same.

3. Instruction for phrasing subject :

Use the email "Subject" line to add following: Contributor YourName EventName Year

Example 1 : Contributor Sachin Tendulkar Divja 2014

Example 2 : Contributor Rahul Gandhi Rath 2012

All photographs will be verified before being posted.

Please leave Body of the Email blank.